Cheap Plane Tickets; a Luxury of Today

Air Travel drastically changed the international community. Thanks not only to aviation itself but also the availability of cheap airline tickets people now have the ability to have adventures in new countries, to relax on tropical beaches, to build business relationships and to visit friends and family. As our global economy grows ever more linked, aviation is the factor that brings people together.
More and more companies realizing people’s need to travel both for business purposes as well as to satisfy their curiosity to see other places around the world have taken it upon themselves to ensure that it is accessable to as many people as possible.

This can be proven if we take a trip into the past and compare how much you would pay for a trip back then. Expensive flights back in the 50s, would bring about silence and jealous glares from those around you as it was definitely a luxury for the lucky few as only one out of five people had ever flown back then.

These increased prices compared to today’s cheap airlines tickets were mainly due to the fact that at that time the U.S. government used to regulate airfares. It was only in 1974 that regulators decided to let airlines set their own prices, which resulted in competition and price wars. This resulted in prices dropping about 50 percent from then to now.

This difference is more evident when looking at cheap international flight ticket, taking into account inflation a round-trip New York London would cost a staggering $4,700 (off-season) or $6,300 (on-season) after adjusting for inflation by 1970 this price had already decreased, again taking into account inflation to $3,200. By 2013 and after some research you could possibly find cheap plane tickets for approximately $1,100 for this same route amidst the holiday peek season.

Are todays’s cheap airline tickets, however, the cause for reduced services provided by airlines. Nowadays many say that air travel used to be better as flight attendants were more polite, the food was better, planes had more room. This is partially true mainly due to the fact in the past airlines did not have to compete in pricing and knew that they would certainly turn a profit. That’s why flying came with the best services. Among them:

Lounge and observation area.

Actual tables and wicker chairs.

Silverware and crystal.

A vanity table and chair in the lavatory.

Toiletries you could actually steal from the lavatories, like individually wrapped bar soaps.

These though, didn’t go hand in hand with cheap plane tickets! The truth is: you can still get great service today if you’re willing to pay a premium. But in most cases even cheap airline tickets today come with modern facilities that we take for granted, like in-flight movies and, on some flights, even power sockets and wi-fi.

Either way, the price of a first-class ticket today is still lower than the inflation-adjusted prices of the past. On top of that, now there are discount, flyer-miles and other promotions which can make cheap plane tickets even cheaper.

The most sold commodity online is -Travel. Start planning that trip already.

Today I’m going to talk to you about cheap international flights being offered by various tourism companies and other ways to save money while travelling. Cheaper airfares helped me go ahead with my much awaited trip to New Orleans. The tourism company I chose had been helping travelers for last 30 years with top level of service. I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised with the services being offered by these new online tourism companies .I sure was surprised when I found out that the people at the company I chose had themselves checked out the place I was visiting and then formed a partnership with only the best hotels, restaurants and tour guides. I have to come to believe in the fact that online tourism companies have captured the market completely and going to a tour agent personally is a thing of the past. Even research proves that the most sold thing on internet is travel so there you go ! You can be sure to find a seat on that flight online even if you plan your trip at the ninth hour but you’ll have to shell out a little more money. In order to save that extra money you should plan in advance.
Let me give you a few more tips to save money besides savings on cheap air flight tickets. I suggest you visit places with favorable exchange rates keeping in mind that US dollar is strong right now. You can also save more if you get an online checking account with Charles Schwab. What happens when you get this account is that you get a refund on International ATM fees and you can switch your phone plan to a plan which ensures free international data and texts. A great option is T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan. My suggestion is also that you should go to places which are unexplored rather than going to the busiest and most wanted city because the latter will obviously be more expensive and have lesser value experimentally.

Also, get yourself a travel centric credit card so as to avoid a world of pain. Your card should have a large sign up bonus, should charge no fees for foreign transactions, an insurance in case the trip is cancelled or interrupted and should cover a good car rental. You should find a good card that suits your individual needs such as perks, fees and other details. This card makes you earn points as you shop or dine and that just means more fun or more saving.

Lastly we all know that air flights fluctuate from time to time so one should wait for off season for example a time when there are no holidays like Christmas or a long weekend. I learnt over time that the best days of the week to book tickets are Tuesday and Wednesday. I also learnt that there are people called online consolidators who buy tickets in bulk and sell them at a cheaper price so that should work in case you are willing to compromise on customer service. Compare prices being offered by various consolidators and find the cheapest ticket.

Lets recap. You have thought about a vacation and cheap air flight tickets. I say you wait for an off season to book your tickets and choose Tuesday as you booking day for its then that the flights are cheapest. Get a Charles Schwab checking account, a mobile phone with cheapest call and message rates for example T-mobile’s simple choice and a credit card that best suits your needs and earns you points on shopping and dining. That is it. You are now all set for a well budgeted trip to your favorite destination. Happy flying!

Tech on the Open Road – Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

Taking a wrong turn and ending up somewhere odd and unfamiliar is a feature of all good road trips. It’s not quite the same, after all, if you get from A to B without a bit on unscheduled excitement. However, some aspects of the road trip – such as cold hands and warm drinks – are things that, in 2018, you can certainly do without!
Luckily for you, technology companies around the world have come up with nifty gadgets ranging from essential companions to luxury indulgences, all designed to make the road trip more enjoyable without sacrificing its adventurous core.


Reliable phone reception and plenty of battery are things you just can’t do without these days. It is fun getting lost on a road trip but less fun when you cannot contact anyone for directions. These two gadgets will help you to stay on track and keep your friends in the loop as you go.

• Mobile Router – Although sometimes leaving the internet behind can seem like an attractive proposition, it is less handy when looking for the best bars and attractions in wherever you end up. The Netgear Around Town router allows you to set up a hotspot for up to ten people, so everyone in the car can share the adventure with friends back home. • Power Pack – Whether it’s in the middle of a canyon or on the dancefloor, nothing is more frustrating than your phone battery dying on you. Bring plenty of good quality power packs with you so that your party can keep connected on the long drive.

Useful Additions

As well as essential gadgets, it’s also handy to bring along a few bits of tech that make the overall journey more pleasant and enjoyable without breaking the bank.

• USB Heated Gloves – The saying might go ‘cold hands, warm heart’, but try telling that to your mate after a winter walk and they won’t be happy. These clever gloves help to keep hands warm whatever the weather, plugging easily into any USB jack. • Light Diffuser – Small travel lamps are cheap and very useful. If the drive is a very long one, it’s unreasonable to think you will be talking and larking about all the way. With a few light diffusers, passengers can read or fiddle with maps when it gets dark without distracting the driver.

Luxury Items

Now you have all the boring stuff sorted out, why not indulge in a few travel gadgets to make the trip extra-comfy?

• Coolest Cooler with Speaker – The coolest gadget in any car boot has to be this speaker and drinks cooler. As if it wasn’t already useful enough, it also comes with a blender and a cutting board. Amazing right! • Travel Guitar – No road trip is complete without a good singalong. Make a fire, get out the marshmallows and bring a small Martin Steel String Backpacker guitar. With its small robust shape, this guitar doesn’t take up much room. Bring it along and you can be blasting out ‘Wonderwall’ in no time.

Of course, a very important component of any road trip is quality gadget travel insurance. With all the unexpected surprises and outdoor activities you’ll have planned, there are lots of potential risks for your phone and other gadgets while you are away. Focus on the road and the freedom of the trip by investing in some gadget travel insurance before you set off – you won’t regret it.

Author Plate

Ethan Bailey is an experienced adventure traveller and insurance expert with the team at Let’s Go Insure. Ethan’s passion is to inspire his clients to go just that little bit further, deeper and higher on their travels and his expertise in providing the ideal insurance cover allows them to do just that. If you’re looking for the best gadget travel insurance Let’s Go works with the most experienced underwriters, intermediaries and insurers to offer a range of competitive insurance without compromising on cover.

World’s Top Airlines

Flying to different parts of the world in style has become even more comfortable in the recent times with excellent services form different airlines.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the flag carrier of the UAE established in 2003. The airline is headquartered at Abu Dhabi, UAE and operates its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Etihad operates services to 81 destinations in 52 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. It is not a member of any airline alliance, but has codeshare agreements with member of different alliances including Sky Team, Star Alliance and Oneworld and other airlines. Etihad’s frequent flyer program is called Etihad Guest. The airline has recently released information about a new partnership deal with Virgin Australia and V Australia. Etihad Airways has won awards including ‘the World’s Leading Airline’ in 2009 and 2010 by the World Travel Awards.

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways is the flag carrier of Australia established in 1920. The airline is headquartered at Botany Bay, Sydney and operates its primary hub at Sydney Airport and Melbourne Airport and secondary hubs at Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Singapore Changi Airports. Qantas operates services to 20 domestic and 21 international destinations in 14 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. It is a member of Oneworld alliance and has codeshare agreements with many airlines. The airline’s frequent flyer program is called Quantas Frequent Flyer. It is the second oldest airline in the world is rated as 4-star airline by Skytrax.


Emirates is an UAE airlines established in 1985. The airline is headquartered at Emirates Group Headquarters, Airport Road, Garhoud, Dubai and operates its hub at Dubai International Airport. It operates services to 103 destinations in 65 countries in six continents. It is not a member of any airline alliance, but has codeshare agreements with some airlines. The airline’s frequent flyer program is called Skywards. Emirates is amongst one of world’s top ten airlines in different categories.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is Thailand’s national flag carrier and largest airline established in 1988. The airline is headquartered at Chatuchak District, Bangkok and operates its hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It operates services to 72 destinations in 35 countries. It is a member of Star Alliance and has codeshare agreements with many airlines. The airline’s frequent flyer program is called Royal Orchid Plus. Thai Airways has won several awards including ‘World’s Best cabin Staff and Best Airline in the World’ in 2006 by Skytrax, ‘second in Airline of the year’ in 2007 and ‘World’s Best First Class Lounge’ in 2009 and ‘Excellence in in-flight hygiene measures’ by World Health Organization.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier of Malaysia owned by the Government of Malaysia and was established in 1947. The airline is headquartered at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang, Malaysia and operates its primary hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and secondary hub at Kuching International Airport. It operates services to 87 destinations in six continents. It is a member of Oneworld Alliance and has codeshare agreements with many airlines. The airline offers two frequent flyer programs namely Grads and Enrich. Malaysia Airlines has been awarded several times for its service, safety and operational safety practices. It is also a 5-star airline in Skytrax rankings.

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London Named World Destination of the Year at the World Travel Awards

Considerably, on the fifth consecutive occasion, London has been chosen as the ‘World’s Leading Destination’ at the high-prestige ‘World Travel Awards (WTA)’. Although there was a stiff competition between the world’s so-called top-notch hospitable cities including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney, the British capital amazingly bagged the award at the end. London’s accolade follows the last month’s phenomenal news that Britain is the world’s fourth most admired country, lagging behind the USA, Germany and France.

In the beginning of the year, tourist arrivals in the metropolis rose to 27 million, thanks to a few prominent events, which saw an influx of international tourists as well as to the excitement builds before the 2012 Olympics. In addition, the capital boasts arrays of world class tourist venues which spellbind visitors all around the year. Not to forget, Christmas which every year sees flocks of people from all around struggling to find accommodation in jam-packed London.

World Travel Awards is the biggest and the most prestigious awards programme in the world of travel industry. WTA rummages around excellence across every sector of the international travel and tourism industry and picks out only the elites from the widespread industry. Also known as “The Oscars of the Travel Industry “, the World Travel Awards is the supreme travel accolade. From last 17 years, WTA is constantly in action to elevate the standards of customer service and the travel industry’s overall performance.

After a substantial year-long hunt, the World Travel Awards settled on their award winners and honoured all the frontrunners in the capital’s Grosvenor House hotel in the spectacular Grand Final Ceremony. A few hotel groups having UK properties including the InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, JW Marriott, Holiday Inn Express, von Essen and Ritz Carlton were also awarded at the programme.

Without doubt, the World Travel Awards has escalated London’s prominence in the world travel and tourism industry by honouring it yet again. Even if the capital has owned numerous influential awards so far, this award has its unique importance.